Welcome to the KairLab

Welcome to the KAIR group. Population growth and the desire for improved living standards places ever-increasing stress on several interconnected resources: energy, air quality, water, and food. Our group focuses on three aspects of this grand challenge: (1) how low-cost, air-quality sensing can improve our understanding of local-air quality and how it can engage the community, (2) how particle physicochemical properties and their transformations during atmospheric aging affect human health, and (3) how changes in our energy landscape affect air, water and food resources.

Watch Tristalee Mangin talk about her work on indoor air quality during pollution events on KSL .

Watch The Story Exchange movie about the KairLab's work here .

Check out a recent video of our team's work as part of a NSF CIVIC Innovation Project.

Recent awards for our group members

We are delighted to be one of the winners of NSF's 2023 CIVIC Innovation Challenge. Looking forward to working with our excellent partners at the Utah Division of Air Quality, the Utah High School Athletics Association, the Utah DHHS, and the Utah Board of Education.

Congratulations to Nathan Searle, one of our undergraduate researchers, on being awarded a NSF graduate research fellowship.

Congratulations to Tristalee Mangin for her GCSC travel grant awards to present at the 2024 ASICS conference.

Congratulations to Elaheh Safaei for her poster award at the 2024 Science for Solutions Meeting.

Congratulations to the SmartAir Team including Tristalee Mangin, Dillon Tang, Henry Poppe, Nathan Searle, and Evan Blanchard on their ICITT best paper award.

Congratulations to Nathan Searle on his first paper , to Elaheh Safaei on her first paper , and Zheyuan Pei on his first paper .

Congratulations to Evan Blanchard for the best undergraduate poster award at the 2023 Utah Science for Solutions Meeting.

Congratulations to Kerry Kelly for being selected as a winner of The Story Exchange's 2022 Women in Science Incentive Prize .

Congratulations to Elaheh Safaei for her scholarship award from the Great Basin Chapter of the AWMA .


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